the Pfeiffer Pfiles Presents....the Art Work of Artist Fred Pfeiffer

Fred Pfeiffer was an American Artist
He worked as an Illustrator out of N.Y.N.Y. and
L.A. CA. in the late 60's thru the 70's and into the 80's

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fred Pfeiffer : Captain Blackman - 1974

by John A. Williams
Fred with another interesting design.
Is part of the image a jigsaw puzzle piece?
A lot going on in the area on the right.

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Courtney Rogers said...

Another obscure paperback with a Pfeiffer cover.

When finding a book like this, I know that there are many more Pfeiffer covers to find out there. This was in the War section at the used book store.

This is the back cover of the book, that has the same illo as the front.