the Pfeiffer Pfiles Presents....the Art Work of Artist Fred Pfeiffer

Fred Pfeiffer was an American Artist
He worked as an Illustrator out of N.Y.N.Y. and
L.A. CA. in the late 60's thru the 70's and into the 80's

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fred Pfeiffer : Indiana Jones - Harrison Ford - Reference Photo

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Scotty Phillips said...

The painting of this photo is a great example of why I love Fred and any artist who creates from a photo and has it end up looking like a painting. I hate paintings that are so much like a photo that you wonder why they bothered. In this case the painting has to look like Harrison Ford and it does look just like the also looks like a painting.

It's flawless and much more interesting than the photo it was made from.

I always laugh at people who have to get so close to a painting that they look like they are smelling it, to point out a brush stroke or vague pencil mark. You should stand back and look at art and take it in and enjoy the way it makes you feel. Millions of items have been sold with the help of a good illustration. I just don't get the same feeling from digital art. I guess I am part of a crowd that is shrinking in that regard. So be it.