the Pfeiffer Pfiles Presents....the Art Work of Artist Fred Pfeiffer

Fred Pfeiffer was an American Artist
He worked as an Illustrator out of N.Y.N.Y. and
L.A. CA. in the late 60's thru the 70's and into the 80's

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fred Pfeiffer : Dragonard - Spotlight


Courtney Rogers said...

Nice vivid colors and a Doc Savage-like outfit on the man.

The Bantam version that was inside the front cover had further illustrations on the left, and it was interupted by the cut-out hole.

Courtney Rogers said...

The Pfeiffer signature is visible below the barrels.

That is 3 hot looking women on the cover. I wonder if the same model posed for all 3?

Check out the sentry and his duds on the far left. He gets lost when looking at everything else.

Rob Weilert said...

Although I admit to thoroughly detesting this type of "trash" literature (degrading slave and master stories), this piece of art is extremely beautiful and well done if judged strictly on the merits of its coloring, design and style of execution.

This is precisely why I would NEVER have been able to make it as an illustrator. I would not have wanted anything to do with assignments of this kind, but the top illustrators like Fred were the ones who were willing to tackle any type of cover job, regardless of any disinterest they may've had in the subject matter, although in this case Fred definitely would've been interested, based on what I know of his private life. But, "to each his own" as the old saying goes.