the Pfeiffer Pfiles Presents....the Art Work of Artist Fred Pfeiffer

Fred Pfeiffer was an American Artist
He worked as an Illustrator out of N.Y.N.Y. and
L.A. CA. in the late 60's thru the 70's and into the 80's

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fred Pfeiffer : 1962 - Doing Homework

                  Fred at the table, working on an assignment due the next day at ACS.
                                                                  George Ladas 
was Fred's good friend during the school years and later they would share a studio in New York City. Thanks to Mr. Ladas for sharing. Courtney and I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Ladas one evening, recently. As you can imagine he had some great stories and memories of time past and Fred. We know now what a great work ethic and sense of style that Fred had back in the day and he stayed very busy during the grand days of paperback illustration. He was a perfectionist and held himself to a very high standard. He had a dry sense of humor and could make you laugh a lot. He wanted to be a boxer on the side until a few seconds of the 1st round of his 1st fight.
                                           A Young Art Student, Fred Pfeiffer - 1961

    The Pfeiffer Philes has found a real friend in George and in a way George and Fred are sharing some space together again, this time on the net. You will find George's web site Base 24 and his blog Full Circle in the Pfeiffer Pfriends section to the right. We are very excited to be in contact with George and he is going to share many other items with us. This is one of the reasons we made the blog in hopes that friends of Fred would find us, eventually. Here we go. Thanks again,
George Ladas.


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Courtney Rogers said...

George is an amazing source of information on Mr. Pfeiffer, as he was his roommate at the Art Center School in Pasadena, shared a studio with him in NYC, and was a lifelong friend.

Scotty and I called him a few weeks ago and had an hour and a half conversation with him. This phone call was just incredible and hopefully the first of many.

George has already sent us vintage pictures of Fred, and these, like the one above, will be pfeatured on the Pfiles.

Thanks are the best!