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Fred Pfeiffer was an American Artist
He worked as an Illustrator out of N.Y.N.Y. and
L.A. CA. in the late 60's thru the 70's and into the 80's

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Len Leone of Bantam Books Remembers Fred Pfeiffer

   Fred was much more to me than a damn good illustrator. From the very beginning we became good friends. He was a gifted artist that could move in many different directions of cover art. He enjoyed the challenge of taking on a variety of subject matter. He was an expert composer of pictures with a marvelous instinct for drawing exceptionally well. And, with all the work and variety I gave him, he never missed a single deadline.

  We soon became good friends, often dining together for lunch and every once in a while for dinner after tennis at night. For years I kept a tennis court at The Midtown Tennis Club in the City, and another one at Forest Hills in Queens, N.Y. We would play singles and doubles every week for years. Fred had a great backhand and a deceptive forehand. He played very well.

    Soon, he followed a lady friend out to sunny California, and decided to remain there. I was saddened when I learned he had passed away quite suddenly.


 Bantam Books


Fred Pfeiffer Artist said...

In late 2007, I had several long telephone conversations/interviews with Len Leone. He is a National Treasure and a bona fide legend in the publishing industry. I asked him numerous questions about Fred Pfeiffer, some of which he didn't remember. He didn't remember why Fred was the one chosen to take over for Bama on the Doc Savage covers. He didn't know why the same Pfeiffer cover was used for both Doc Savage stories The South Pole Terror and The Stone Man. And the reason remains unknown why Pfeiffer left the Doc Savage series. But he gave Pfeiffer tons of work, and I continue to find Bantam books with Pfeiffer covers to this day.


Dr.Dave said...

Courtney/Fred: I am writing a book about my interviews with NY Art Directors and am looking for covers by Len Leone especially from the 1970's. I am also looking for a portrait of Barbara Bertoli, who was the Art Director for Avon Books at the same time that Leone was at Bantam, in the mid 70's. If you have any ideas how I might find either of these resources, I would gratefully acknowledge you in the book!! Thanks, David Laufer

Fred Pfeiffer Artist said...

Hi David-

Would you email me with your email address so we can discuss this.

Thank you

Courtney Rogers

Anonymous said...

Is Len Leone still alive? I worked for him in the early 70's at Bantam. He was a mentor of mine. I'd love to send him love. Jocelyn Jones at--